Horror: An Intense Feeling of Fear, Shock or Disgust

This is how the Oxford Dictionary defines the word Horror:

“An intense feeling of fear, shock or disgust.”

Or, to put it another way, not a very pleasant feeling AT ALL. Given a choice I will always avoid the bad. But a shot of fear can be a good thing. It gets the heart pumping, sharpens the senses, even give you an excuse to grab the person next to you for a bit of comfort.

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You Can Eat It, But Can You Kill It?

Lunch and Dinner

Lunch and Dinner

The other day I had a small online exchange regarding the eating, or not, of meat. I stopped eating meat quite a long time ago. I am not a vegetarian per se, though most of the time that’s the term I use, and the term my family use. In the same way, while abroad, I tend to answer Yes when asked “You English?” because it is pedantic to say “well, I’m half-Welsh and half-Spanish, but I was brought up a UK citizen, so…” I don’t eat meat, but I eat fish, and eggs which a vegetarian would not. It gets more complicated. Continue reading

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The Tao of Chris Jones: On Being A Guerilla – Part Two

Chris Jones

Chris Jones

Prior to last weekend’s 2013 edition of the Guerilla Film Makers Master Class, I had never metĀ Chris Jones, nor seen him in the flesh, nor spoken to him over the telephone. What there had been between us, over the preceding months, weeks, and days, was the occasional on-topic Facebook exchange, and comment on hisĀ blog. We are not friends (except on Facebook, which is not the same), and I do not owe him any money that could be written off in lieu of a few nice words.

In short, the reason for saying that he’s a bloody good egg is that’s what I think. Continue reading

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On Being A Guerilla – Part One

I flew into the UK for the weekend of June 15th and 16th to attend the Guerilla Film Makers Master Class held in Regent’s College, London.

Why fly thousands of miles for a weekend of film making discussion when I’ve fallen behind schedule on the rewrite of A Table In Berlin? Good question, if anyone asked it. I know I did. Continue reading

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Suits you, Sir – Dress the part

I love a good suit.

When I turned 18 my special present was a trip to the tailor. I’m not a Dandy, and never have been, but there was something unspeakably glamorous about men in proper suits. I don’t mean the mid-tone mainly-polyester aberrations that flew off the shelves at Marks & Spencer or C&A with which the brow-beaten trudged to work. I’m talking about tightly-tailored, narrow-lapeled, straight-legged dark blue masterpieces cut from nature’s finest fabrics that you’d expect to see Cary Grant and the young Sean Connery walk into a room wearing. The sort that allows a tie to be nothing grander than a narrow strip of knitted silk or something dark tied in a half-Windsor at most. Continue reading

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Crowdfunding? Est. in 1976 in Aberystwyth. It’s true, I was there.

When I first discovered that there was this thing called Kickstarter I felt a little like the wind had been eased out of my sails. I don’t know if any of you has ever had this great idea, done nothing with it, and discovered sometime in the future that it had become very much the plat du jour? Continue reading

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We’re All Entitled To One

Opinions. They’re everywhere. Every time we open our mouths, or put pen to paper, we are inflicting them on someone else.

But unlike presents at Christmas, it seems that as far as opinions are concerned, it is always so much more fun to give one than to receive one! Continue reading

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